Sunday, November 5, 2017

New Release for Minecraft 1.12.2

I just put out a new release of the Wings, Horns, and Hooves: Ultimate Unicorn Mod yesterday, version 1.5.14, and I'm happy to announce that the mod now supports Minecraft 1.12.2!

Otherwise, the new release mostly contains bug fixes, and an option to turn off notification messages from the mod at startup (like messages about a new version being released).

Looking at Next Release

Besides fixing any bugs that get reported, I'm looking at a few new options for the next release.  Some things I'm considering include:

  • Allowing magical horses to inherit existing horse markings when bred with normal horses.
  • Upgrading the Custom Unicorn Creator to have hide patterns, so people can make more interesting custom horses.
  • Adding a secret Ultimate Unicorn breed that's a mutated version of the Reindeer breed.
  • Hippogriff breed.
  • And since I'll have most of the parts necessary, might as well throw in a gryphon breed.
  • A quest from the Oracle.
Possible Futures

I'd love to make an adventure mod that involved rescuing the poor imprisoned creatures from the lair of the evil Doctor Ogrebaz, where our friend Typhon the Destroyer was created.  However, that will probably have to wait a while, unless I find more time.


  1. Super excited about magical horses possibly inheriting normal horse markings- I'm going to have every kind of unicorn ever, I swear.

    Any chance that we could get a better texture for the zebra skin, though? It's really linear and doesn't look as organic as the other skins do.

    1. Oh, and on the note of inheriting normal horse markings, would there be any chance of mod compatibility with making the quagga skin from the Fossils and Archeology Mod inheritable as well?

    2. Aaaaand endless requests over here but- could we get it so antlers on Rainbow Smash are rainbow too? I thought since the Zebra's antlers turned black that Rainbow's antlers would be rainbow, but it seems to not be the case. =/

  2. in the next update, could you add a /setDNA command so that you could spawn the horses you want without the tedious breeding process. don't get me wrong I still love the breeding thing but I think it would be so much quicker if you knew roughly what the DNA of your magical horse youre trying to create would be. just an idea.:)

    1. This might help you there!

    2. I honestly tried it myself to recreate a Rainbow Smash with taming, but the summon failed. Kept giving me "Unable to summon object". I'm in the 1.12.2 version.

  3. I hope the mod will be compatible with the new skins, many players like to use them. Previously, I also used skins, I mostly took them here but now only Steve)

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