Sunday, January 31, 2016

Minecraft 1.8.9, Power Settings, and new Config Options

Recently, I released a new version of the Ultimate Unicorn Mod that included code to make it work with Minecraft 1.8.9.  This code was the biggest part of this release, but there were a number of new features as well.

Power Settings

Power settings for individual horses was a big deal for me, as you may have seen in my last post.  It should give you the fine-grained control over your horse's powers that you want, so you're not destroying things or hurting your friends (except when you want to!)  This is especially useful if you are using custom unicorns or the unique horses.  Here's are some screenshots:

The Power Settings Button in the upper left opens opens the Power Settings Screen

The Power Settings Screen, where you can turn magical horse powers on and off.

New Config Options

I took some pains to try to make the mod not conflict with other mods.  This effort included adding some new configuration options to change DataWatcher object IDs.  You should only have to worry about these if you are trying to get this mod to work with another mod and it's just not working.  Changing them can mess up how the mod behaves, though, so use at your own risk (and you can always reset them to default values to get the mod working again).