Sunday, October 18, 2015

Ultimate Unicorn Server Poll

I've been asked to start up a public Minecraft server for the Ultimate Unicorn Mod, so people can more easily play with the multiplayer aspects of it. However, I'd like to check interest level before committing to doing so. Soooooo, here's a question for you!

If I started up a public server, would you play on it?

Friday, October 16, 2015

Alea, Typhon, and Velvet - Three Unique New Horses

Three unique new horses have arrived!

Wings, Horns, and Hooves: the Ultimate Unicorn Mod is proud to present:

Alea, Bringer of Dawn

Alea in flight

Alea is the Bringer of Dawn, the legendary protector of the realm against all evil that lurks in darkness.  She is a living myth, and daughter of the Sun itself.


  • Can summon the dawn (turn night to day) by flying high into the sky.
  • Projectile Protection - Alea's aura protects her and nearby creatures (including her rider) from projectile weapons such as arrows, fireballs, etc.
  • 2x Protection Aura power
  • 1x Healing Horn power
  • 2x Power Wing Buffet, but her wing buffet only pushes evil creatures.
  • Can ascend and descend faster than all other winged horses.
  • Immune to Fire

Typhon the Destroyer

Typhon, after busting down a mountain just for fun

Typhon is the product of the deranged experiments of the mad Doctor Ogrebaz.  Although Typhon was initially bred from magical horse stock, the mad doctor's tests have infused Typhon with destructive power and twisted him so that he is almost more monster than horse.  The doctor's experiments knew no bounds, even venturing into the forbidden realm of undeath.


  • Cataclysm Charge - When charging with his unicorn horn, Typhon can plow through dirt and stone in his way.
  • Death Wind - Typhon's wing buffet power kills smaller animals (sheep, rabbits, etc.), but not bigger animals like horses.  It also raises zombies to fight for him (and more zombies are drawn to him the more animals he kills).
  • 2x Power Stomp power
  • 2x Power Wing Buffet power
  • Immune to Fire

Velvet, Mystical Healer

Velvet, relaxing among the flowers

Velvet is the mystical healer of the lost forest of Averglen.  For long ages, she has watched over her forest and all of the animals that dwell within it.  Where she walks, flowers bloom and the land is healed, as are any injured animals that seek her assistance.  Over the years, her kind acts have gained her a following of forest animals who love her dearly and help her protect the land.


  • Aura of Life - causes grass and flowers to sprout and heals nearby animals and people.
  • Gentle - doesn't hurt others when she rears up. 
  • Velvet's Entourage - Velvet attracts nearby wildlife to follow her, in particular bunnies.
  • 2x Healing Horn power
  • Immune to Fire

Finding Them

Currently, you cannot find these horses in the wild (they do not spawn naturally).  However, you can summon them with a spawn egg, or with the following commands:

/summon Alea
/summon Typhon
/summon Velvet

Cheat codes can affect them, and they can pass on (some) of their traits to their offspring.  Name tags change their names, but do not apply custom unicorn designs (do not change their appearance or powers).


These three horses were designed for three special people:

Alea was created for Mackenzie, who shares Alea's protective spirit.

Typhon was created for Colten, a destroyer in his own right!

Velvet was created for Kennedy, who loves baby animals as much as Velvet does.

Special thanks to Necole, who helped get this idea off the ground and provided much encouragement!

Tuesday, October 6, 2015

The Oracle

In an open glade stood a carving,
A horse of oak hidden by daylight's fading
Adorned with hide and hooves and feathers,
It stared at me in silence, as if waiting.

I touched its forehead and saw it hollow'd,
And my pack grew heavy at my side,
Inside was the horn of a beast I'd follow'd,
And slain after yesterday's lonesome ride.

With shame I drew forth the bloodied horn,
And placed it in that hollowed head,
And lo!  It glowed, that piece of unicorn!
And hide and hoof and wings feather'ed!

I stroked it absently from tail to mane,
"What is your name?" I said, as an aside,
Creaked did those sticks, and rippled old wood grain,
"I am the Oracle," it replied.

The Oracle

Along with the Spirit Tree and the Hippocamp, version 1.2.5 of the The Ultimate Unicorn Mod introduced the Oracle.  The Oracle is a wooden horse that can be brought to life.

Creating an Oracle

An Oracle can be created only with the help of a Spirit Tree.  Place a stick in the Spirit Tree's hollow, and wait, and you will be rewarded with an Oracle item.  The Oracle item can be placed like a block.

Using the Oracle

When you right-click an Oracle, you can see its inventory.  It can be used as a chest, and it can also be outfitted like a magical horse.  In its inventory screen, you can see a disabled "Talk" button.  When you insert into the Oracle's equipment slots the four magical components of the magical horse purebreeds, the spirits of those creatures possess the Oracle and it comes alive.  The four magical components are placed as follows:

  • Put a unicorn horn in the horse helm or horn slot.
  • Put a pegasus feather in the wing tip slot.
  • Put a destrier hide in the armor slot.
  • Put a nightmare hoof in the horseshoes slot.

When the Oracle comes alive, you can talk to it, and you will know because the "Talk" button will become active.  It can answer your questions, tell you about the world, and also about the future.

An Activated Oracle
Talking to the Oracle

Friday, October 2, 2015

The Spirit Tree

Another new feature in version 1.2.5 of the Ultimate Unicorn Mod was the addition of the Spirit Tree.

A grown Spirit Tree

Spirit Trees are the home of friendly tree spirits.  There are many names for these creatures across the many dimensions, but they are most commonly known as dryads or kodama.

The Tree Hollow

Every spirit tree has a tree hollow, a hole in which the dryad lives.  It has been said that if a traveler leaves a gift inside one of these tree hollows, the dryad that lives there will exchange it for another gift.  In particular, it is rumored that dryads will fashion sticks left in their tree hollow into magical structures (such as the oracle).

The tree hollow looks like this on the outside:

And this on the inside:

Putting gifts in the Spirit Tree's tree hollow

Finding a Spirit Tree

Spirit Trees grow from Spirit Tree Saplings, which can be acquired in two ways:

  1. Some villagers will sell them to you.
  2. Witches will occasionally drop them when killed.

Also, Spirit Trees can occasionally be found growing alone in a clear area, like on a plain, in the desert, or on the beach.

A planted Spirit Tree sapling

Thursday, October 1, 2015

The Ultimate Unicorns

Anyone who has played the Wings, Horns, and Hooves: Ultimate Unicorn Mod knows about the four main breeds of magical horses in it: Unicorns, Pegasi, Destriers, and Nightmares. However, what you may not know about are the four special mutant breeds, which are called Ultimate Unicorns. These four special breeds can be discovered by mating your magical horses until you find the right set of traits, and a mutation occurs. There's also a fifth breed, but he's not technically an Ultimate Unicorn, and I'll get to him in a minute.

Each of the Ultimate Unicorn mutant breeds is created in a similar way. To get one, you need to breed your horses such that the baby has all of the following traits:

  1. A unicorn horn 
  2. Wings - large pegasus wings or small nightmare wings both work. 
  3. Flaming hooves from a nightmare 
  4. Large size from a destrier

Then, depending on the hide gene of the baby, a mutation may occur, causing the baby to get a new hide gene. The four mutant hide genes are as follows:

Red-Winged Blackbird

The Red-Winged Blackbird is a mutation of the destrier hide gene. Since the destrier hide gene is dominant over all the other normal horse hide genes, this is the easiest mutation to get. To get a different kind of Ultimate Unicorn hide gene, you need to make sure to get rid of those destrier hide genes from your breeding gene pool!

Blue Belle

The Blue Belle hide gene is the next easiest to get, since the pegasus hide gene is dominant over the nightmare and unicorn hide genes. If you want to get a Redrum or Rainbow Smash, make sure to remove all pegasus hide genes from your breeding pool!


The Redrum hide gene is the next easiest to get, since the nightmare hide gene is dominant over the unicorn hide gene. Again, if you want to breed a Rainbow Smash, then get rid of those nightmare hide genes.

Rainbow Smash

Rainbow Smash is the most difficult breed to get in the Ultimate Unicorn mod. The unicorn hide gene is recessive to all the other hide genes (except the zebra). If you can create one, you are a true master breeder.

The Zebra

You can breed a zebra by trying to get a magical horse with no special traits - no horn, no wings, no aura, no big size, nothing! If you take the time to breed a zebra, you might even discover another easter egg (at least if you enjoy a certain Disney show featuring a secret agent platypus)....

Can You Get Hippocamp Versions of These Breeds?

Yes!  And here's proof!  Here's a Red-Winged Blackbird Hippocamp!

Cheat Codes

If you want to take a shortcut to get any of these horse breeds, check out the cheat codes on the cheats page.