Friday, October 2, 2015

The Spirit Tree

Another new feature in version 1.2.5 of the Ultimate Unicorn Mod was the addition of the Spirit Tree.

A grown Spirit Tree

Spirit Trees are the home of friendly tree spirits.  There are many names for these creatures across the many dimensions, but they are most commonly known as dryads or kodama.

The Tree Hollow

Every spirit tree has a tree hollow, a hole in which the dryad lives.  It has been said that if a traveler leaves a gift inside one of these tree hollows, the dryad that lives there will exchange it for another gift.  In particular, it is rumored that dryads will fashion sticks left in their tree hollow into magical structures (such as the oracle).

The tree hollow looks like this on the outside:

And this on the inside:

Putting gifts in the Spirit Tree's tree hollow

Finding a Spirit Tree

Spirit Trees grow from Spirit Tree Saplings, which can be acquired in two ways:

  1. Some villagers will sell them to you.
  2. Witches will occasionally drop them when killed.

Also, Spirit Trees can occasionally be found growing alone in a clear area, like on a plain, in the desert, or on the beach.

A planted Spirit Tree sapling