The Oracle Quest

The Oracle Quest update is an update to the Ultimate Unicorn Mod.  In it, you will complete the quest to reclaim the Spear of Stars and to awaken the oracle spirit known as Calder the Wise - and perhaps to find new magical treasures along the way! 

If you've already started talking to the horses in the Ultimate Unicorn Mod, you've already started this quest, and may have already gotten through Part 1!  (And if you haven't, talk to the Custom Unicorn named Adrian to get started!)

In Part 2 of the Oracle Quest update, you will:

  • Seek out the assistance of all the magical horse breeds in the Ultimate Unicorn Mod
  • Talk to custom horses and learn about their individual magical talismans
  • Find (or recreate) all 3 of the lost pieces of the Spear of Stars
  • Awaken the Oracle known as Calder the Wise
  • Discover the legends of the Oracles, the Urokenning, and the poor souls known as Tragic Oracles.
  • Experience an exciting story in which you're the main character!
There are more details coming! Watch my Patreon at to find out more!

1 comment:

  1. im playing 1.16.5 and every time i click on the oracle the game crashes, any idea why?
    I'm not using any other mods if that has any effect