Create your own Custom Unicorn!

Prices Reduced! See below!

Thanks for your interest in Wings, Horns, and Hooves, the Ultimate Unicorn Mod (click here for the Overview)!

With this Mod, you can name your own unicorn, design how it looks, and even give it special magical powers and a title. And once you've done that, all your friends with the mod can see it in Minecraft, too! Also, if you play on a server that uses this mod, that server will have your horse design, too.

How it works:

I give away the mod for free, but offer an extra bonus as thanks for people who donate. If you make a small donation and follow the directions below, I will create for you a custom unicorn following a color design of your choice. For a little more, you can choose new magical powers, and even a title.

Once the design is complete and your donation processed, I will do 3 things:
  1. Create your unicorn and add it into the Mod.
  2. Add your unicorn's name to the Hall of Fame page that lists ALL unicorns here.
  3. As soon as I am able, I will create your unicorn and make it available to the mod. After it is created, the unicorn will be automatically downloaded to your Minecraft, just like when you create a skin on I try to get these completed quickly, so you should be able to see your new unicorn the same day. Please make sure you are using mod version 1.5.7 or later! (If by some chance there is a delay, I will make sure your unicorn is available by  .

"How do I design my unicorn?"

Just select an amount, and click the color boxes! Be sure to add a name and pick out the powers you like the best! A full list of the powers and what they do can be found here.

$0.99 - Custom Unicorn - Color Only (was $2.99)
$1.99 - Custom Unicorn - Color & One Special Power (was $4.99)
$2.99 - Custom Unicorn - Color & TWO Special Powers (was $5.99)
$3.49 - Custom Unicorn - Color & TWO Special Powers AND a Title! (was $6.99)

Unicorn Name:
Body color:
Mane color:
Tail color:
Wing color:
Boot color:
Horn color:
Eye color:
Flank Mark:
Wing Mark:
Power 1:

Power 2:

Your Custom Code!

  • You can copy and save this code - it contains all the details of your unicorn design.
  • You can paste this code in anytime in the future and push "Apply Custom Code" to immediately make that same exact design. You can send your codes to your friends, so they can make a horse like yours!

Tip: If you like a color, and want to use that exact color for more than one part of your unicorn, you can copy and paste the color code from the color chooser box (it's the little bunch of letters with a # in front). Just copy it from the text field in one color box to the same text field in another color box, then push the "choose" button.

How to Use It?

Now you've designed and ordered your custom horse, you need to know how to use it! Just create a name tag item in Minecraft to give your unicorn, pegasus, or other magical horse the name you chose, and it will change its appearance to match your design, and gain the powers you chose for it. If your friends have also created unicorns, you can make name tags for them in your mod, too! Lastly, you can look at the Hall of Fame and make name tags for any of the unicorns you find there (or just bask in the glory of seeing your own unicorn on there).

Example Unicorns!!

There are already custom unicorns that you can see right now! Just go into Minecraft and name a unicorn or pegasus "Adrian" or "Lorien" using a name tag. My testers created these designs, and I gave them each the title "Horselord" as an extra thanks. You can see the title on the unicorn inventory screen after you have tamed the unicorn (it's in gold after the unicorn's name).

Note: Your horse will be downloaded to your Minecraft once I create it (assuming you have version 1.5.7 or higher). It will automatically be available on any servers that use the latest version of the Ultimate Unicorn mod (and don't block the downloads). If you can create your horse in your Minecraft, but not on a server, ask the server op to get the latest version or unblock unicorn downloads.

Disclaimer: I reserve the right to not publish the names or designs of any unicorn with a name I consider offensive or inappropriate. Please name your unicorn responsibly.


  1. what do u do if it is my birthday??

    1. Haha! Good question! What do you want for your birthday?

      No promises, but on occasion I have been known to add features or new design options at user request.

  2. Aaaaa, wait! It didn't click the two powers option! It stayed on the first option and I didn't realize until I had already paid!

  3. E-mail me at and we'll figure this out. Sound good? :)

  4. Hey this one would be cool if you would be a amazing person and make it! :) (Ps, I have no money LOL)

    1. I'm planning to have a contest soon with custom unicorns as prizes, and multiple winners. Check back for details! :) I'll also advertise it on the FaceBook page and other places.

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  6. Replies
    1. You can download the mod using the links on

      All custom unicorns ordered to date are available in version 1.3.9, so if you ordered one recently, it should be in there! Just spawn a unicorn, pegasus, or other magical horse and follow the directions on naming a unicorn to activate your custom unicorn!

      If you are having trouble, there is more information on the "FAQ and Troubleshooting" page (

  7. Geez, tmi ppl. POSTED AT JAN 9, 2016 at 5:53 PM. Goodness.

  8. How do you get a profile pic? :p :)

  9. I was wondering, after the Feb 19 release for the next version, when do you think the next version will come out. I want to get a custom Unicorn, but I don't want it yet. Maybe you could release a new version around the first day of spring?


    1. If someone creates a custom unicorn, I always make sure to put out a new release that Friday (if not before).

  10. My birthday is April 15. If you want to, surprise me. I love this mod,and I myself am a teen struggling to find a job. However, donating is one of the first things my pay check will go to. Thanks.

    1. I am glad you like the mod! I will make sure to put out a cool update on April 15. :)

      Thanks a ton for your support just in downloading and playing with the mod. I appreciate it!

  11. Why there's weeks the mod doesn't have a different update than custom unicorns?

  12. Hello, I just made a custom unicorn

    And purchased it for $1.99 and it won't work for me. I understand that you're supposed to nametag it with the name you have choosen? Right?

    1. Are you still having problems with your custom unicorn? I'm guessing you were trying to name the horse before I had put out a release with the new custom horse information in it. Let me know if it's still not working for you!

  13. Sooo... sorry I never actually bought the Unicorn, had other stuff to do...

    Anyways, I plan on grabbing one on tuesday the 23 of August, so as to have it done by the 30th, witch is my birthday. Any way I could grab something special around then?

  14. how long do you have to wait for your custom unicorn to be in the mod after purchasing?

    1. Whenever I get a custom unicorn order, I make sure to do a release the following weekend. Almost always, this goes out late Friday night (like around Midnight, Eastern Time). There have been one or two times I've gotten busy Friday night and forgotten, so I put it out Saturday morning, but that doesn't happen often.

    2. Hi please could you create a different version of the mod becuse I like the Horse's being able to be equipped with a saddle and chest and armor.
      But I want Llama's for my server like the one's from the newest Minecraft snapshot But I want a Llama with the horse Ai that can wear a saddle a chest and armor and also be aggressive to wolves and spit at them.
      PS: If you can make this mod please make it in eclipse and send me a copy of it as a zip or jar and a src/github version of it with the java's so I could edit it.
      PPS: If you do make it and send it to me I will put on my website that you created the mod.
      PPPS: I dont need any powers on the Llamas.

    3. FYI, this has changed. I now try to get custom unicorns out same day, if possible (sometimes I don't see the notification until the following day, though, especially if it is late EST). If you are using the latest version, they automatically download now (sometimes you need to restart Minecraft first, though), and no longer require a new release.

  15. I don't have any money, but I created two; it might give you inspiration for a, idk maybe a new species for free (*wink, wink*), anyway, here are their codes:



  16. LOL I just made trixie from mlp. I wish I could buy it though but I cant. If anyone else wants to though here is the code.


  17. I need help, I'm addicted... Here it is if you want to buy it (I'm broke :3)