Wednesday, April 6, 2016

Poll: Hippocamps Ask You to Choose the Next Horse Breed!

Last time, you picked the hippocampus as the next horse breed you wanted to see. Since then, the hippocamps have gotten bored with their other horse friends, and want a new breed to come to the land. So, which breed do you think it should be?

Note: You can select multiple options in the poll, so if you like more than one breed, or can't decide, pick all the ones you like!

What should be the next horse breed?

Last time I ran this poll, I received a lot of really great suggestions, so I added many of them.

There are a couple notable ideas that were suggested that I decided not to add to the poll, but that's because I hope to use them as something special in the future. I'm talking about Sleipnir and the Mares of Diomedes. These are both great suggestions (and Sleipnir has a special place in my heart), but they are more properly boss creatures. When I include them, that is what they will be.