Friday, October 16, 2015

Alea, Typhon, and Velvet - Three Unique New Horses

Three unique new horses have arrived!

Wings, Horns, and Hooves: the Ultimate Unicorn Mod is proud to present:

Alea, Bringer of Dawn

Alea in flight

Alea is the Bringer of Dawn, the legendary protector of the realm against all evil that lurks in darkness.  She is a living myth, and daughter of the Sun itself.


  • Can summon the dawn (turn night to day) by flying high into the sky.
  • Projectile Protection - Alea's aura protects her and nearby creatures (including her rider) from projectile weapons such as arrows, fireballs, etc.
  • 2x Protection Aura power
  • 1x Healing Horn power
  • 2x Power Wing Buffet, but her wing buffet only pushes evil creatures.
  • Can ascend and descend faster than all other winged horses.
  • Immune to Fire

Typhon the Destroyer

Typhon, after busting down a mountain just for fun

Typhon is the product of the deranged experiments of the mad Doctor Ogrebaz.  Although Typhon was initially bred from magical horse stock, the mad doctor's tests have infused Typhon with destructive power and twisted him so that he is almost more monster than horse.  The doctor's experiments knew no bounds, even venturing into the forbidden realm of undeath.


  • Cataclysm Charge - When charging with his unicorn horn, Typhon can plow through dirt and stone in his way.
  • Death Wind - Typhon's wing buffet power kills smaller animals (sheep, rabbits, etc.), but not bigger animals like horses.  It also raises zombies to fight for him (and more zombies are drawn to him the more animals he kills).
  • 2x Power Stomp power
  • 2x Power Wing Buffet power
  • Immune to Fire

Velvet, Mystical Healer

Velvet, relaxing among the flowers

Velvet is the mystical healer of the lost forest of Averglen.  For long ages, she has watched over her forest and all of the animals that dwell within it.  Where she walks, flowers bloom and the land is healed, as are any injured animals that seek her assistance.  Over the years, her kind acts have gained her a following of forest animals who love her dearly and help her protect the land.


  • Aura of Life - causes grass and flowers to sprout and heals nearby animals and people.
  • Gentle - doesn't hurt others when she rears up. 
  • Velvet's Entourage - Velvet attracts nearby wildlife to follow her, in particular bunnies.
  • 2x Healing Horn power
  • Immune to Fire

Finding Them

Currently, you cannot find these horses in the wild (they do not spawn naturally).  However, you can summon them with a spawn egg, or with the following commands:

/summon Alea
/summon Typhon
/summon Velvet

Cheat codes can affect them, and they can pass on (some) of their traits to their offspring.  Name tags change their names, but do not apply custom unicorn designs (do not change their appearance or powers).


These three horses were designed for three special people:

Alea was created for Mackenzie, who shares Alea's protective spirit.

Typhon was created for Colten, a destroyer in his own right!

Velvet was created for Kennedy, who loves baby animals as much as Velvet does.

Special thanks to Necole, who helped get this idea off the ground and provided much encouragement!


  1. How I become Alea?
    I would like to have it!

  2. I am trying to summon (with the command e the wgg) them but its not working :/ Did you remove them?

    1. I did not remove these horses, so you should still be able to use them. Which version of the mod and which version of minecraft are you using? Are you playing locally, or connecting to a server?

      On some versions (like 1.12.2), the summon command requires the entire name, like /summon ultimate_unicorn_mod:alea . This is easy enough to do if you type "/summon alea" and then hit the tab button (which will cause it to autocomplete to the right thing). Let me know if this helps!

    2. You can get the spawn eggs if they aren't working. Tell me how it works out.

  3. this is THE BEST. I am on 1.12.2, most recent mod version, and WOW!