Thursday, August 3, 2017

The Story of Asmidiske

This is the story of Asmidiske, a new unique horse commissioned for addition into the Ultimate Unicorn Mod.  Asmidiske's powers are listed at the bottom of the page.

Asmidiske's origins are as mysterious as the ever-changing currents of the Oros Isles.  Whether he sprang into being spontaneously, or was called from another dimension, or was created by Adaron's latent magical ability, we'll never know.  However Asmidiske came to this world, he quickly became the fierce protector of King Adaron the 5th.

After (then) Prince Adaron's hippocamp was felled in the battle of Argosie, the prince washed ashore on the far island of Hektros.  There, he was set upon by a deadly phalanx of serpent people. Weaponless, his mind muddled from seawater and starvation, he was sure to perish.

It was in that darkest of moments that a strange creature--half bird, half horse, like unto a pegasus, and yet bearing the aspect of the crowing rooster--appeared from the crackling fog that towered and rolled around the island.  With beating wings, and the flash of hoof and claw, the beast drove off the snake men and protected Lord Adaron.

Alas, when the battle was won, Prince Adaron lay motionless on the beach.  He had been bitten by one of his attackers and his veins filled with venom.

Asmidiske crowed in lament and laid his head next to the fallen prince.

And then, miraculously, Prince Adaron awoke.  He looked up at the horse creature.  "Oh, beautiful, heroic hippolectryon," he said.  "I know that you will be my true friend until the last of my days."

Adaron sat up.  The prince looked around at the forlorn, fog-clouded beach, and found his mind equally clouded of his past.

He said, "But I know little else.  Kind creature, will you help me find my way home?"

And from that day, the hippalectryon, who Adaron soon learned was named Asmidiske, flew with the prince among the Oros Isles.  Asmidiske's story became intertwined with Adaron's as the prince fought to remember who he was and search for home.

Asmidiske's and Prince Adaron's adventures are chronicled in their entirety in The Winds of Orosia.

Asmidiske's Powers

Asmidiske has an aura that will give all nearby entities protection, and protect them from the Weakness, Wither, and Poison status effects.

Note: At the current time, Asmidiske cannot breed with other horses.


  1. I'm having an issue still even with this version, The settings for horses won't save.... I go into power settings, turn off everything except armor, hit done.. and nothing. nothing changes, when I go back into the power settings the settings have changed back. I tried reinstalling everything, the settings work fine for the first 30 mins or so (which led me to believe it was fixed) but after that the issue came back and I can't change any settings. even after a server restart.

    1. Which Minecraft version are you seeing this with? Is it an issue when you run with a standalone server and connect to it, or when you are running single-player? (or both?)

  2. Would it be at all possible for magical horses to inherit coat patterns from vanilla horses at some point in the future?

    1. This is a cool idea, and I'd like to do it. I can't guarantee it, but if I can manage to get it in without too much trouble, I will.

  3. Hey! So, in the most recent mod version of this, He CAN breed with other horses! The result is HILARIOUS. You guys should try it out.

  4. Replies
    1. Is there a way to get a amidiske in 1.12.2

  5. SO i bred horses that float with no back legs and i gave them custom horse names and they became hippalectryons WTF

    1. Yeah, this is a bug I noticed a short while ago, too. If you have a hippalectryon that uses one of the non-custom skins, the skin is missing the back leg portions. It'll be fixed in the next release. :)