Tuesday, October 6, 2015

The Oracle

In an open glade stood a carving,
A horse of oak hidden by daylight's fading
Adorned with hide and hooves and feathers,
It stared at me in silence, as if waiting.

I touched its forehead and saw it hollow'd,
And my pack grew heavy at my side,
Inside was the horn of a beast I'd follow'd,
And slain after yesterday's lonesome ride.

With shame I drew forth the bloodied horn,
And placed it in that hollowed head,
And lo!  It glowed, that piece of unicorn!
And hide and hoof and wings feather'ed!

I stroked it absently from tail to mane,
"What is your name?" I said, as an aside,
Creaked did those sticks, and rippled old wood grain,
"I am the Oracle," it replied.

The Oracle

Along with the Spirit Tree and the Hippocamp, version 1.2.5 of the The Ultimate Unicorn Mod introduced the Oracle.  The Oracle is a wooden horse that can be brought to life.

Creating an Oracle

An Oracle can be created only with the help of a Spirit Tree.  Place a stick in the Spirit Tree's hollow, and wait, and you will be rewarded with an Oracle item.  The Oracle item can be placed like a block.

Using the Oracle

When you right-click an Oracle, you can see its inventory.  It can be used as a chest, and it can also be outfitted like a magical horse.  In its inventory screen, you can see a disabled "Talk" button.  When you insert into the Oracle's equipment slots the four magical components of the magical horse purebreeds, the spirits of those creatures possess the Oracle and it comes alive.  The four magical components are placed as follows:

  • Put a unicorn horn in the horse helm or horn slot.
  • Put a pegasus feather in the wing tip slot.
  • Put a destrier hide in the armor slot.
  • Put a nightmare hoof in the horseshoes slot.

When the Oracle comes alive, you can talk to it, and you will know because the "Talk" button will become active.  It can answer your questions, tell you about the world, and also about the future.

An Activated Oracle
Talking to the Oracle


  1. Do you have any suggestions as to what should be asked? Or hints? The post/in-game Oracle does not offer much insight.

    1. The oracle dialog is largely (though not completely) keyword based. You can ask it its name and job, different horse breeds, and also about other things in the mod. Sometimes things it says back to you contain keywords that you can talk to it about.

    2. When I try to interact with the Oracle, my game crashes. (Mostly when I try to put the last item on.) Any suggestions or reasons?

    3. Sounds like a bug. Which version of the mod and which version of minecraft? Also, are you running any other mods?

    4. For the mod version, I am using 1.5.10, and for the Minecraft version, I am using 1.11. I am using Boimes o' Plenty and the Pet Bat mods along with this one.

    5. hmmm thats weird cause with stacyplays in her series named mystic mesa wings horns and hooves works fine with biomes o' plenty for her

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  3. the oracle mentions the sermonde dimension or something. will that be an upcoming feature?

  4. Could the Oracle ever be made to move? Aside from talking, its being "brought to life" is sadly very lifeless. D= ...I'd love if we could ride it- but not breed it, obviously.

  5. I'm having an issue actually activating it. I have the items in all the right spot, the destrier hide in armor the nightmare hoofs in the horseshoes the Pegasus feather in the wing tip and the unnicorn horn in the horn spot. The horn would not go in the helm spot

    1. not in the actual helm spot the one under the helm spot

  6. i need this mod even more than ever!!!

  7. this makes a pretty lit(get it nightmares?) rap xD

  8. Did you remove the Oracle in the 1.12.2 version? I can't find it anywhere