Wand of Dropsies

The Wand of Dropsies (known in more serious circles as the Wand of Disarming) makes creatures drop what they are holding. It shoots an invisible cone of energy that has a fairly long distance. Any creature struck by this beam will drop their current active item, whether it be a Skeleton holding a bow, or your friend/enemy trying to shoot you with a fancy Wand of Call Lightning

Usage: Shoot this wand by holding down the right mouse button.  Hold down the button to continue shooting it for an extended period.  Holding down the button reduces durability more than a single shot, but not as much as if you shot the wand multiple times.

Horn Slot Usage
This wand, like other magic wands, can be equipped to a unicorn's horn slot, if your unicorn is wearing a Slotted Horse Helm. When equipped like this, your unicorn can shoot the wand when you press the 'F' key (as described on the New Controls Page).

A unicorn (or other horse breed with a unicorn horn) will use equipped wands against when not ridden. For a unicorn, it's just another cool tool to destroy your enemies (even if this one really isn't quite as effective at actually destroying them), and these horses have a mind of their own.

Note: Horse breeds without horns CANNOT use a wand in the horn slot, even if they are wearing a Slotted Horse Helm.  The ability to use magic wands is a magical property of a unicorn horn and the horse that bears it.

1.8.x Recipe

That's an iron ingot, two nether quartz, a prismarine shard, and a spider eye.

1.7.10 Recipe

That's an iron ingot, two quartz, an ender eye, and a spider eye

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