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  • Added "Stay" button feature on magical horse inventory screen. This button is a toggle that will make your magical horse stay in place (and not roam about) when you dismount.
  • Added null checks for interacting with mods that alter the horse model. This should help with crashes observed when other mods were loaded with this mod and made changes to the model (e.g. when turning a magical horse to stone).
  • Fixed an incorrect word in the magical horse quest dialog text that could make that quest unnecessarily confusing.

  • 1.6.2

  • Kirin fire breathe weapon now affects mobs and will light blocks on fire.
  • Added probabilistic spawn options for all breeds in config/ultimate_unicorn_mod.toml. This allows you to set a probability 0-100 that a spawn happens, and works with weights. Also adjusted some weights and probabilities to make spawns less frequent.
  • Fixed a crash bug caused when Velvet would transform vanilla bunnies into bunnies that follow her around.
  • Fixed a crash bug in standalone server mode when healing horn was used.
  • Fixed a crash bug that could sometimes happen when the mod would download custom unicorn textures.
  • 1.6.1

    • Magical horses can now mate with donkeys and mules and their children will inherit donkey ears.
    • Horse Power Settings screen now works correctly with different GUI Scaling options set
    • Fixed Wand of Fireballs crash bug
    • Fixed bug in which setting a 0 spawn rate in the config file would cause the game to crash.

    • Fixed bug in configuration file reader that was causing users to not be able to change spawn biomes for magical horses.
    • Added an option to the configuration file that makes Minecraft print out the list of all biomes on startup of a world.


    • New breed - The hippogriff!
    • New feature - Now you can talk to magical horses and complete quests! (Talk to the custom horse Adrian to get started with quests)
    • New behavior - when you equip magical wing tip equipment to your flying horse, the horse can hover.
    • New feature - You can give the oracle or horses in the game your own dialog by editing a config file.
    • New feature - biomes for magical horse spawning are configurable in the config file
    • Made some magical horse breeds spawn in extra biomes by default so they are not quite so rare (kirin, hippocamp).
    • Fixed Rainbow Smash's rainbow beam to work again.
    • Protection Aura no longer helps monsters.
    • Fixed server crash bug caused by custom unicorns with spaces in their name.
    • Many other minor bug fixes.

    • Fixed natural spawning that was causing magical horses to spawn in all biomes instead of only the ones they should spawn in.
    • Fixed despawning issue for tamed horses on game restart.
    • Tuned down magical horse default spawning rate across the board. If you already have this mod installed, and you want to use these new rates, remove the ultimate_unicorn_mod.toml file in your minecraft/config dir (note that this will also reset any other Ultimate-Unicorn-Mod-related settings you've customized).


    • Minor improvements to horse powers screen GUI and Oracle AI screen GUI
    • Fixed Velvet's Life Aura to not crash server
    • Fixed natural horse spawning in 1.16.4
    • New versions for 1.16.1 and 1.16.3.
    • Fixed all textures to have Askmidiske body parts painted.
    • Fixes for Typhon's zombie minions to follow Typhon properly and not attack in MC versions >= 1.15.
    • Fixes for Typhon's zombie minions and Velvet's bunnies to follow their horses better in MC versions >= 1.15.


    • Fixed nightmare fire to fade out faster (especially nightmare fire tracked through the sky) on all versions - previously it would take so long that it would not seem to fade out at all.
    • Added an option to make nightmare fire not burn ("Nightmare Fire doesn't Burn"), and set it to true by default.  This will let you still get the visual effect of a nightmare with flaming hooves that trail fire, but he won't burn down your world or hurt you or other creatures this way.
    • Fixed an issue the mod had with not displaying horse names correctly with the WAILA (What am I Looking at) mod.
    • Added a new custom horse named Thalisi that was commissioned to have a special "Ender Flame" aura power.  Note that Thalisi does not work with earlier versions of the mod.


    • Fixed crash bug when using supercharged icy wing buffet by water on a dedicated server.
    • Fixed "Unridden Destriers Can Break Leaves" config option to actually work on a dedicated server.
    • Fixed a crash bug in 1.10.2, 1.11.2, and 1.12.2 caused by non-player entities trying to ride untamed pegasi.
    • Added a bug tracker - it's linked in the side bar.

    • Now for Minecraft 1.12.2!
    • Added configuration option to disable notifications on startup (such as messages telling you when there's a new version available).  
    • Fixed some crash bugs that happened when running a dedicated server using 1.10.2.
    • Fixed a crash bug that could happen when running a dedicated server using 1.11.
    • Fixed a problem with custom unicorns that had supercharged powers - the supercharged powers were behaving like normal powers.

    • Added the new unique unicorn: Asmidiske!  See his story here!

    • Fixed Spawn Eggs in 1.7.10 and 1.8.x versions. They should work on servers, and persist correctly after restarting.
    • Changed magical horse max life to be much lower by default (closer to normal horse life), and added an option on the configuration screen to change it back to how it used to work (in case you don't like it).
    • Fixed problem with putting chests on magical horses in some versions.  This should work now in all versions.
    • Fixed crash bug with rainbow aura in some versions.

    • Fixed server crash bug in 1.10.2 and 1.11 versions.
    • Added configuration option to turn off all custom unicorn powers.
    • Made Kirins spawn in a few new biomes to make them not *quite* so rare (savannah plateau, jungle hills, and roofed forest added - they used to only spawn in ice mountains and desert mesa biomes).

    • Fixed breeding bug in 1.11 that was preventing all magical horses from breeding. 
    • Flame Aura crash bug fix for MineCraft 1.11 version.
    • Farmer and Librarian villagers are the main kinds of villagers who carry Spirit Tree Saplings to sell.  Although other villager types may carry them on rare occasions, usually they will not. 
    • Flame Aura now does not cause mobs and players to burst into flame if the horse is not being ridden.  This makes custom horses with this power a little more safe and fun to interact with!

    • Now for Minecraft 1.11!
    • Added back in spawn eggs that disappeared in release 1.5.8 (only affected Minecraft versions 1.8.9 and lower).  Because of a limitation in Minecraft, spawn egg items in your inventory don't get saved right when you close the program and reload, but they do work otherwise.  If this is important to people, I'll try to figure out a workaround.
    • Fixed a behavior bug in 1.10.2 and later that was making untamed Pegasi not try to fly away when you mounted them.
    • A few minor text fixes in version 1.10.2 for oracle text and Kirin and Reindeer names. 

    • Just in time for Christmas, Reindeer have arrived!  They spawn in the forest and in some snowy biomes.  If you name them after Santa Claus's reindeer, they can fly!
    • Added new mod configuration options to allow you to disable wands, and modify spawn chance of rabbits in 1.7.10 (or turn them off by setting chance to 0).
    • Changed internal mob ID system to not use global IDs, and remove the possibility for ID collisions with other mods (thanks ZarZuf!)
    • Fixed a bug with some horses being born incorrectly with zebra skin.

    • Fixed a crash bug on Minecraft standalone servers when a custom horse with the Horn of Throwing power used its power.
    • Minor improvements to behavior of items thrown by the Horn of Throwing power.
    • Added new customized skin for Ebb You Guardian custom horse, and new Rainbow Aura power for Princess Crystal custom horse.  These were part of a special order.  If you are also interested in a special order, contact me for pricing and options.
    • Added new capability for the mod to download custom horse skins and powers on-demand.  This means that future custom horse orders will be available much sooner (like same-day), and people who purchase them will not need to wait for a new release to get their orders fulfilled.  This also means that we will have no more releases that only include custom horses. 
    • Added a new custom unicorn (Luna3321)!

    • Added three new custom unicorns (Princess Crystal, Ebb You Guardian, and Forest Luna Lupus)!


    • Added versions for 1.9.4 and 1.10.2 (BETA).  
      • NOTE: I have had issues connecting to multiplayer with 1.10.2, but did not have time to fix it yet. This is why it is still in beta.
    • Added one new custom unicorn (Rainbow Horse)!


    • Released for 1.8.9 and 1.8.x.
    • Fixed a serious performance bug with Kirins and included a number of minor performance improvements for other horses, too.

    • Fixed bug in 1.7.10 release that caused all horses to spew fire ALL THE TIME.  Sorry about that (one line of testing code accidentally didn't get removed before release).  :(
    • Included a few minor performance improvements that were in the pipeline for next release anyway.
      • Kirins have arrived!  Like all other horse breeds in the mod, they can interbreed with any other horse type!  They have the magical ability to walk on water and breathe fire!
      • Modified Hippocamp model to look better and more fish-like.
      • Modified baby models to make fish tails look better and to make baby unicorn horns shorter. 
      • Reduced biomes that different horse breeds spawn in.  I was getting messages about overpopulation of horses, and this was one easy way to tune that down without overhauling the spawning probability system (which I might still do).  Thanks for the suggestion, George!
      • Fixed a bug in which jousting would cause a crash when used with some other mods that include new armor.
      • Added some new oracle text, mostly related to kirin.
      • Added new config options related to kirin, and to adjust max number of allowed Velvet bunnies.
      • Added one new custom unicorns (Karas)!
      • This release is only for 1.9 and 1.7.10 at the moment, because I did not finish with the porting to 1.8 versions, and these are in less demand.  They will get the kirin in an upcoming release soon, but I am considering dropping at least one of the 1.8 releases due to the increased effort it takes to support them.

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      1. When is the next update coming out?? I really like this mod and I would love to see a new breed added!! I recently updated to 1.5.14. but I’m ready for a new breed and- hopefully- vanilla horses being able to breed with magical ones!! Please can I know when it’s going to be released?! 🙂

        1. How do you download it I don’t know how to?

        2. How do you download it I don’t know how to?

        3. How do you download it I don’t know how to?

      2. in the next update you should make it so that if you breed a zebra and a donkey, you get a ZONKEY!!!! it would be really cool.

      3. Will we be getting a version compatible with the Update Aquatic sometime soon? I really appreciate all the work you've put into this over the years!

      4. I tried to download it but I live in the UK.