Sunday, August 7, 2016

Well, This is Embarrassing (New Version: 1.5.1)

Hey gang, if you downloaded the 1.5.0 version of the Ultimate Unicorn Mod for Minecraft version 1.7.10 yesterday, you likely saw all of your magical horses spewing fire non-stop, ALL THE TIME.  I hope they did not cause any permanent damage!  My apologies if they did!

I have put out a new version that fixes that bug, 1.5.1.  Please download it and replace the defective 1.5.0 version!  I also added a few minor performance improvements into the build that I had put in during my porting efforts to MC 1.8.x.  This bug only affects the MC 1.7.10 version, so if you're using 1.9, you don't need to re-download unless you want those performance improvements (which again, are pretty minor).

"How did this happen?!" you may ask.  The answer is pretty simple: I was testing the mod at the last minute, tweaking some values to make sure all kinds of kirins (destrier versions, Typhon version, normal version, versions with horse bodies instead of kirin bodies, etc.) looked good while breathing fire.  To do that, I added in a line of code to make them breathe fire all the time - otherwise you have to trigger the fire breathing while you're riding one, and you can't see the horse's neck and head very good when you're doing that.

Anyway, I somehow neglected to take that one line of testing code out before release.

I have removed it, and released a new version: 1.5.1.

Again, I apologize for the goof, and thank you for your patience!  :)


  1. Thanks for fixing it! I built a place (out of wood) to test horse variations and they nearly burned it down! LOL, anyways thx!

    Love this mod soo much!

  2. I didn't see the flaming behavior yesterday but did experience a small bit of lag in a creative world (down to 5FPS) when mounted on one of 5 Kirins (Kirini?) I had in 1 or 2 adjacent chunks (1 pure, 4 cross with Unicorn, Pegasus, Nightmare and Destrier). BTW, based on a microscopic sample size it looks like the Kirin skin is dominant.

    After updating this morning I played Survival all day and have yet to find a Kirin in it's natural habitat which leads to my first question: What IS a Kirin's natural habitat?

    My second question is pure nonsense: Is the mod being renamed "Wings, Horns, Hooves and Beards"?

    1. That's interesting about the lag. I haven't really tested the mod hard for performance, but most of the kirin fancy stuff is in the rendering. It's not too crazy, though, so I'm not expecting it to bog down your game a ton. That said, I should go through and see if I can check for any code that impacts performance.

      Things I know impact performance: Velvet can start to amass a lot of bunnies if you are not careful. I've taken some steps to improve this (letting you turn off the bunnies, and letting you limit the number to whatever amount you want). However, I need to add some code that will despawn them if she leaves them for too long.

      I've heard that Nightmares can cause problems if they start to spread a lot of fire, because MC doesn't do so well with lots of fire. I've added a config option to turn off Nightmare fire, though, and I'll be looking at making that work better in general soon.

      The oracle knows where you can find Kirins. I've intentionally made them hard to find, especially since people were asking that I make all the horses rarer. I am considering adding a sort of in-game quest to find the Kirin, but I haven't completely figured out how I want to do that.

      Haha about the new name. :) I've considered changing the name to just be "Fantasy Mounts Mod."

    2. Cool. This evening I spawned in a Kirin and 2 of them can possibly play havoc... To be fair, I'd been searching for a Kirin all day and had a lot of terrain gen going on at the same time.

      I bred a Destrier/Kirin offspring with a Nightmare (just the NM, D/K and baby around). As soon as I mounted to tame baby the slowdown became more pronounced (normal 75-80 FPS down to 3). Separate the 2 Kirin and all is well again.

      I know about the config options already. I turn off Nightmare fire in the mod config and Destrier "break plants" as soon as they're tame.

      I guess I'll have to dig up an emerald or two to trade for a Spirit tree... :D

    3. Thanks for the info about the slowdown. That should help me figure out what's going on.

      Are you running the 1.9 or 1.7.10 version?

    4. I'm on the 1.9 version. I think today I'll make a new "pack" containing only Ultimate Unicorn to see if there's an interaction with other mods occurring.

    5. Thanks for the update, and I appreciate the extra testing you are doing. :)

  3. Hi Joel! I am running 1.9 and I've noticed a serious 'lag' when flying or doing anything else around Ki-Rins in Creative Mode. If you're flying, you actually get stuck hovering in the air and cannot drop back to the ground. As soon as I move away from the Ki-Rins (in this case, two foals, but it is working that way with the adults, too) I can play as normal. Also, trying to build or do anything else around the ki-rins, such as making a name tag on an anvil, is seriously slowed down as well. I am using a superflat world.

    Plus--I have to add that I love the changes to the manes of the Hippocamps!

    1. Thanks for the bug report. I'll take a look and see if I can fix it for the next release.

    2. If you get a bunch of lag from any source, it can cause it to be difficult to stop flying in creative mode, since it requires two quick key presses to be registered, and the lagging system can start missing some of the key presses (or at least that's my theory).

      I run a pretty up-to-date machine, and I run only my mod when I test, so it's possible I don't see lag that others see. I typically have 5+ kirin and other horses running around, and I do see some drop in frame rate, but it usually doesn't bother me too much.

      I have identified a number of places I can improve performance. These aren't just related to the kirin breed, but also destriers and hippocamps (horses with large size and tails will also benefit from the improvements). I'm hopeful that I can get these performance improvements into the next release.

    3. Thanks, Joel! I had about 100+ horses running around on that world. As an experiment, I created another flat world and turned off the structures and viola! It is working much faster now. Still a bit of a lag, but nothing too bad. Thanks so much!

  4. Sorry this took a day, I had ISP issues :|

    I created a pack with just JEI and UU and still saw a slowdown, but not to the extent as before. This setup only slowed to about 15 FPS.

    1. Good to know. 15 FPS is still pretty playable, IMO. I'm working on some performance improvements for next release as well (see above).