Thursday, January 8, 2015

On the Tragedy of Life Lessons

There are many things I want to teach my kids, including life lessons.  Because I am a dad, this should not be surprising.  As I go about my day, it is not unusual for me to think about these life lessons.  However, my kids are still little, and most of the life lessons I think of are beyond their understanding or are otherwise not age-appropriate.


So, I make a mental note to remember to one day tell my kids about how to manage their money, or whatever.  As I do this, a part of my mind screams out.  It says:

"You!  Idiot!  You are going to forget this lesson!  The time will fly by, and the day will pass, and then it will be too late!  If you even remember, your kid will have already been educated by ol' Billy Bonehead, and learned all the wrong things, and good luck unseating all that crap."

And I don't do anything about it, but maybe resolve to really remember.

Double Bummer.  It is tragic, really.

Because I've already forgotten so many of those things.

So, one New Year's Resolution for this year: Write that stuff down.

As I think of them, I'm going to write those life lessons here, mostly to help myself remember them.  It's better than some old notebook, at least.

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