Saturday, January 10, 2015

Life Lessons and Reminders

As part of the Life Lessons series, it's important to be reminded when those life lessons will be needed.  To help with this problem, with the goal of not missing those critical periods in which each life lesson is relevant, I'll need to do the following:

1.  Figure out the earliest age at which each life lesson is relevant.

2.  Calculate the earliest date, using the answer to #1 and my child's birth date.

3.  Set a reminder that will hit me before the date from #2 arrives.

OK, #1 and #2 are pretty easy.  Technology should be able to help me with #3.

I use GMail, and thought it could send me an E-mail at a future specified time out of the box.  That would be the perfect reminder system, considering that I don't figure I'm guaranteed to be using any particular calendaring system.  However, upon further inspection, I'm not seeing an easy solution.  I see plenty of third-party solutions online, but I'm not interested in giving other companies access to my E-mail, or in paying a fee.

I see that there's a script that will integrate with GMail and Google Spreadsheets to give this kind of control.  I'll check into that, and get back with my solution.

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