Thursday, October 1, 2015

The Ultimate Unicorns

Anyone who has played the Wings, Horns, and Hooves: Ultimate Unicorn Mod knows about the four main breeds of magical horses in it: Unicorns, Pegasi, Destriers, and Nightmares. However, what you may not know about are the four special mutant breeds, which are called Ultimate Unicorns. These four special breeds can be discovered by mating your magical horses until you find the right set of traits, and a mutation occurs. There's also a fifth breed, but he's not technically an Ultimate Unicorn, and I'll get to him in a minute.

Each of the Ultimate Unicorn mutant breeds is created in a similar way. To get one, you need to breed your horses such that the baby has all of the following traits:

  1. A unicorn horn 
  2. Wings - large pegasus wings or small nightmare wings both work. 
  3. Flaming hooves from a nightmare 
  4. Large size from a destrier

Then, depending on the hide gene of the baby, a mutation may occur, causing the baby to get a new hide gene. The four mutant hide genes are as follows:

Red-Winged Blackbird

The Red-Winged Blackbird is a mutation of the destrier hide gene. Since the destrier hide gene is dominant over all the other normal horse hide genes, this is the easiest mutation to get. To get a different kind of Ultimate Unicorn hide gene, you need to make sure to get rid of those destrier hide genes from your breeding gene pool!

Blue Belle

The Blue Belle hide gene is the next easiest to get, since the pegasus hide gene is dominant over the nightmare and unicorn hide genes. If you want to get a Redrum or Rainbow Smash, make sure to remove all pegasus hide genes from your breeding pool!


The Redrum hide gene is the next easiest to get, since the nightmare hide gene is dominant over the unicorn hide gene. Again, if you want to breed a Rainbow Smash, then get rid of those nightmare hide genes.

Rainbow Smash

Rainbow Smash is the most difficult breed to get in the Ultimate Unicorn mod. The unicorn hide gene is recessive to all the other hide genes (except the zebra). If you can create one, you are a true master breeder.

The Zebra

You can breed a zebra by trying to get a magical horse with no special traits - no horn, no wings, no aura, no big size, nothing! If you take the time to breed a zebra, you might even discover another easter egg (at least if you enjoy a certain Disney show featuring a secret agent platypus)....

Can You Get Hippocamp Versions of These Breeds?

Yes!  And here's proof!  Here's a Red-Winged Blackbird Hippocamp!

Cheat Codes

If you want to take a shortcut to get any of these horse breeds, check out the cheat codes on the cheats page.


  1. Hi, I'm thinking about getting this mod, but it usually takes me a few days to a week and a half to research enough to psych myself up to actually get it. I just have a few questions?
    1. Have you ever known this mod to ever cause any kind of problem with the downloading computer? I except slower performance, but you're the expert.
    2. I am a HUGE fan of horses on vanilla minecraft; do/can these horses interact with normal horses in any way, or are they a different classification?
    3. For the sake of my younger sister (we play together a lot), how hard is it to pick up the basics and finer details?
    4. Does this mod play well with other mods? I had one that didn't.
    Sorry if I seem really technical, but I'm protective of my computer.... :)

    1. I also posted on the controls section, asking if players can change the controls, but now I can't find the page again. Can you answer it here (unless you already did there (sorry if you did)) so that I don't have to drive myself insane looking for it again? Thanks!

    2. Hey Ava, thanks for your questions. I wrote the mod from top to bottom, so I can give you answers. Here they are:

      1. No, this mod should not cause any problems on your computer. I run it all the time, it doesn't touch any files that aren't downloaded with it or part of Minecraft. Performance shouldn't be affected too much, either. I try to tune everything so that it doesn't bog down Minecraft, because no one wants their game slowed down.

      2. My horses can interact with vanilla minecraft horses. They can breed with them, for one thing (though since the vanilla minecraft horses don't use my DNA code, the babies look like the unicorn parent). My horses are actually a subtype of the vanilla horses, and have all the same features, but add more.

      3. Getting started is easy. You can find unicorns, pegasi, etc., wandering around the world. If you breed a unicorn and a pegasus, you'll get a pegasus with a horn. To explore everything the mod offers, it helps if you can read the web pages here at, because there are lots of extra features that you can explore. However, getting and breeding the horses is easy.

      4. My mod does play well with other mods - I've been very careful to follow the directions to make it play nice. There have been a few conflicts with other mods discovered, but all the conflicts have been because of problems those mods had.

      I completely understand being protective of your computer! I am too. :) I'm happy to answer your questions - I hope you enjoy the mod!

    3. Also, you can change the controls. They are right on the Controls Screen (Main Screen -> Options -> Controls). They are under the heading "Magical Horse Controls".

    4. Thanks so much! I really appreciate the help. I think I'll not only get the mod, but maybe I'll get a custom horse... Hm... So many choices...

    5. Update: I've equipped a Pegasus with a slotted helm and put a Wand of Call Lightning in, but it won't fire. I thought you pressed the charge key (which I had to change to V because, like I said, weird controls), but she's only charging. Any tips?

    6. Ah, yeah, this is a little tricky. Non-unicorns can equip slotted helms, which lets them charge. However, only horses with a horn can use magic wands (the idea being that they channel their magic through the horn into the wand). Enough people get confused about this, though, that I'm considering changing it....

    7. Ohhhhhh that makes sense.... Thanks for the clarification.

    8. 1.This mod won't cause any problem in your computer or Minecraft.
      2. They can´t breed. But yeah, they interact with vanilla horses in some mode.
      3. It's really easy! You only need a magical horse(unicorn, pegasus...) and its really easy to continue. I have a 9 years old parent and he really moves it correctly. It seems really easy.
      4.I tryed it and yeah, you can play with another mods. Some problems but both of my mods, they are a little bads.
      You can change controls in Main screen>Options>Controls.

      PD:Sorry for my bad english, i am of Spain and sorry for replying too late. Good luck!

    9. Turn off wing buffeting with anything flying don't use shaders and make sure you have a strong computer should you use this in a mod pack such as mystic mesa. Other wise everything should go find, if laggy turn down your render distance

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  3. i have 1 of the horses, the 1s that swim and it has wingsa and a horn, does that count as an ultimate unicorn?

    1. Well, to me happens the same. I think that thoses horses don't count as ultimate horses. Sorry for replying too late.

    2. An Ultimate Unicorn has wings (big or small), flaming hooves, a horn, and big size. When you breed a horse with all of these things, often the baby will have a new type of skin. See this page for more info on breeding:

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  6. So, I have the 1.7.10 version of the mod and I'm trying to breed all the Ultimate Unicorns. I've managed to do it before with the 1.8 version, breeding all the Ultimate Unicorns including the Rainbow Smash.
    The thing is, I can't seem to get the Rainbow Smash in 1.7.10. I have a plethora of horses with mixes of the various traits and I've kept all hide types apart from the unicorn hide out of the gene pool, but as much as I try breeding the different unicorns together, I can't seem to obtain the elusive Rainbow Smash.
    So is this a glitch? Is there no Rainbow Smash in 1.7.10? Am I just more of a n00b than I thought? Help meh please!

    1. Oh, never mind! Apparently I do better with breeding when I'm just breeding random horses instead of being strategic. Maybe I am a n00b...

  7. How can I get a horse with horn, big wings, flaming hooves, fish tail, kirin horns, kirin tail, water breathing, kirin powers, and Rainbow Smash's rainbow beam?

  8. Hi! I'm enjoying your mod, but recently when breeding I bred a large golden horse, with big wings, a kirin body/whiskers, with a long tail, a horn, and antlers. Its wings were yellow with red crowns, and the body has orange markings. What is it supposed to be?

    1. Sounds like you got a Golden Kirin, one of the mutant ultimate unicorn breeds! If you could post a picture somewhere and link to it, I would know for sure. I'm glad you like the mod!

  9. I found a celestial sea mutant!