Wand of Call Lightning

The Wand of Call Lightning calls down lightning wherever you point it.  Lightning strikes can also cause fires.  However, this wand has a limited distance. Also ... don't point it at your feet.

Usage: Shoot this wand by holding down the right mouse button.  Hold down the button to continue shooting it for an extended period.  Holding down the button reduces durability more than a single shot, but not as much as if you shot the wand multiple times.

Horn Slot Usage
This wand, like other magic wands, can be equipped to a unicorn's horn slot, if your unicorn is wearing a Slotted Horse Helm. When equipped like this, your unicorn can shoot the wand when you press the 'F' key (as described on the New Controls Page).

A unicorn (or other horse breed with a unicorn horn) will use equipped wands against when not ridden. For a unicorn, it's just another cool tool to destroy your enemies, and these horses have a mind of their own.

Note: Horse breeds without horns CANNOT use a wand in the horn slot, even if they are wearing a Slotted Horse Helm.  The ability to use magic wands is a magical property of a unicorn horn and the horse that bears it.

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