ChangeHorse Command

The ChangeHorse command can be used to change the DNA values and the name of your horse.  It can also be used to set whether your horse is tamed and saddled!

General Syntax:
/changeHorse <DNA1> <DNA2> <TamedAndSaddled> <Name>

<DNA1> and <DNA2> are numbers, just like those on the Cheat Codes page.

<TamedAndSaddled> should be either 1 or 0 (true and false also work).  1 means, "Tame the horse and give it a saddle."  0 means, "Make this horse NOT tame and without a saddle."

<Name> is what you want to name your horse.  It can have spaces.

You can put in a value of ~ for any of the arguments, and that means, "Don't change this value for my horse!" 

NOTE: You have to be close to your horse for it to work (within 2 blocks).  Any magical horses within 2 blocks of you will be affected!


To make your horse look like a Rainbow Smash (but small), tame it, and give it a saddle, but leave DNA2 unchanged (so if it has a fish tail, it will keep it):

/changeHorse 5243135 ~ 1  

To make your horse look like a Zebra, have a fish tail, make it untamed with no saddle, and name it Bob:

/changeHorse 0 5 0 Bob

To make your horse be named "Shooter Joe" (which is a custom horse), but not change any of its DNA or whether it is tamed and saddled:

/changeHorse ~ ~ ~ Shooter Joe


  1. I tried to make my zebra have a tail but it didn’t work
    The code I used was / changeHorse 051 Crossy
    And it didn’t do anything to the unicorn

    1. ummm what version r u in because i know I'm in 1.12.2 u might be to and if so then... this is useless and thats why.

    2. you have to have the newest version of the mod

  2. all of mine have flaming hooves and i cant figure out how to get them to not

  3. Does anyone know the numbers for a destrier with pegasus wings and kirin horns?
    I had a horse like that that died and I was trying to get another one without having to breed it again.