Friday, September 18, 2020

How to Install the Ultimate Unicorn Mod (and other Mods)

Here are some instructions for installing the mod (and other mods) in Minecraft:

If you want to get and play with the Ultimate Unicorn Mod, you will need Minecraft Java Edition.  
  • Note that Minecraft Pocket Edition (which is the only version you can get on iPad or Android) does not support the mod.  
  • The same goes for the Minecraft: Windows 10 Edition - it doesn't work with the mod.
  • Game console versions (like XBox) also don't work with the mod.

Next, you will need to go to to download the mod file (also linked on the right). Make sure you get the right version for the version of Minecraft you want to play it on.

Another place you can download the mod from safely is at CurseForge, at this link: .  Whenever I make a new release of the mod, I publish the same files on CurseForge that I make available for download here.  In general, CurseForge is a nice, reputable, safe place to get all sorts of cool mods from.  (CurseForge also rewards mod authors when people download their mod, so that's pretty cool, too.)

Don't download The Ultimate Unicorn Mod from anywhere else, because I have no control over what might be in files you find on other websites.

Minecraft Forge is Necessary

A good set of instructions for installing Minecraft Forge and mods can be found here: .  

You can also follow the steps in this YouTube video: .  

Looking over both before getting started would be a good idea, paying special attention to where to click on the Forge website.

WARNING: I have found many of the ads on the Forge website to be tricky or misleading.  These ads often try to get you to download malware, and sometimes pop up warnings saying things like, "Your flash player is out of date! - Click here to download the newest version!" (you should not do this).

Do not click on any other links, ads, or popups that appear when you are downloading Forge.

Forge itself is safe, however.

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