Friday, August 7, 2015

Tales of the Wooden Oracle: Clade and the Golden Lance - Part 1

And so it was proclaimed: On the 4th day of the 3rd month of the Year of the Napping Ocelot, King Adaron and Queen Elena would marry, and their two kingdoms join hands forevermore. News spread throughout the kingdoms of Bryghuset and Tynaria and soon both lands were awash in great feelings - the nice happy lovey-dovey kind ... and the not-so-nice "ooh, why'd you invite those losers into my country" kind. 

It was on a Sunday morning that the news reached Clade, with a wicked--


When he awoke, Clade found the morning news scroll lying beside his head, wrapped around a half-brick. He touched his injured head gingerly and cursed the news witch. Then, he unwrapped the scroll.

And like half the country, he exclaimed:

"The Queen!"

followed by, "Getting married!?"

and finally, "To him!?"

He read on, and discovered that the marriage ceremony would be accompanied by an immense festival in Tynaria's capital, with parades, games, entertainers, pegasus rides, and more! There would even be competitions: horse races, team flag capture, burly brawls (including mounted ones!), jousting, and aerial duels.

This improved Clade's mood considerably. He whistled and his mind spun, though a bit wobbly-like, thanks to the news witch and her half-brick.

"That's it. I gotta go. Just gotta go," he said.

He rubbed his hands together, an idea turning itself over in his head like a shiny gold coin. He definitely, definitely couldn't miss this.

Especially when there so much money to be made.

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  1. cool story dude but does this really have anything to do with the oracle?