Friday, June 12, 2015

Contest: Find the Ultimate Unicorns!

Are you a master breeder? Can you discover one of the mutant Ultimate Unicorn breeds?

If you can, and can prove it, I'll give you not one, but two FREE decked-out custom unicorns! (As seen, here.) And by decked out, I mean you get to name it, choose the color scheme, get two new magic powers, and get a special winner title "the Highbred" (or one from the list if you prefer).

Give your extra to a friend or use it yourself, it's up to you!

How to Win

Take a screenshot when you discover one of the 5 secret breeds (One breed is not technically an Ultimate Unicorn, but it's a mutant, so I'll award a prize for it). Then, post your screenshot in a comment on the Minecraft Forum, by following this this link.

I will award the prize to each person who is the first to post a picture of a given breed. Also, you can only win once. There will be five different winners. I will congratulate each winner after he or she posts a winning picture, and announce the 5 winners at the end of the contest.

If I feel someone is not following the spirit of the contest (i.e. cheating), I may ask a question to verify if you actually found the Ultimate Unicorn breed using proper horse mating technique. Believe me, there are ways for me to verify if you've cut corners.

Good luck and have fun!

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