Thursday, August 3, 2017

The Story of Asmidiske

This is the story of Asmidiske, a new unique horse commissioned for addition into the Ultimate Unicorn Mod.  Asmidiske's powers are listed at the bottom of the page.

Asmidiske's origins are as mysterious as the ever-changing currents of the Oros Isles.  Whether he sprang into being spontaneously, or was called from another dimension, or was created by Adaron's latent magical ability, we'll never know.  However Asmidiske came to this world, he quickly became the fierce protector of King Adaron the 5th.

After (then) Prince Adaron's hippocamp was felled in the battle of Argosie, the prince washed ashore on the far island of Hektros.  There, he was set upon by a deadly phalanx of serpent people. Weaponless, his mind muddled from seawater and starvation, he was sure to perish.

It was in that darkest of moments that a strange creature--half bird, half horse, like unto a pegasus, and yet bearing the aspect of the crowing rooster--appeared from the crackling fog that towered and rolled around the island.  With beating wings, and the flash of hoof and claw, the beast drove off the snake men and protected Lord Adaron.

Alas, when the battle was won, Prince Adaron lay motionless on the beach.  He had been bitten by one of his attackers and his veins filled with venom.

Asmidiske crowed in lament and laid his head next to the fallen prince.

And then, miraculously, Prince Adaron awoke.  He looked up at the horse creature.  "Oh, beautiful, heroic hippolectryon," he said.  "I know that you will be my true friend until the last of my days."

Adaron sat up.  The prince looked around at the forlorn, fog-clouded beach, and found his mind equally clouded of his past.

He said, "But I know little else.  Kind creature, will you help me find my way home?"

And from that day, the hippalectryon, who Adaron soon learned was named Asmidiske, flew with the prince among the Oros Isles.  Asmidiske's story became intertwined with Adaron's as the prince fought to remember who he was and search for home.

Asmidiske's and Prince Adaron's adventures are chronicled in their entirety in The Winds of Orosia.

Asmidiske's Powers

Asmidiske has an aura that will give all nearby entities protection, and protect them from the Weakness, Wither, and Poison status effects.

Sunday, May 21, 2017

Mod Updates

I've been working on a few updates to the Ultimate Unicorn Mod lately, mostly dealing with the following issues (all of which should be fixed when I make the release):

  • In some Minecraft versions (1.9.x, 1.10.2), you cannot put chests on magical horses.
  • In some early Minecraft version (1.7.10, 1.8.x), spawn eggs no longer work when using a dedicated server.
  • Magical horse life is really high.  I'm adding an option to make it lower, and making that the default.
  • A new unique custom unicorn.
Those are the main new things, but if I may be able to fit in a few other minor bug fixes.  We will see! I'm hoping to get this update out by the end of this coming week.

Saturday, December 24, 2016

Reindeer are Here (new Version, 1.5.8)!

I released version 1.5.8 yesterday afternoon, which includes the new Reindeer breed, as well as some bug fixes and extra configuration options.  See the list of changes here.  Download it here.

Reindeer spawn naturally in some cold and forest biomes.  They can be tamed like horses, and if you name one after one of Santa's reindeer, it will gain the ability to fly.  Its flying behavior is like that of a Nightmare - run fast and jump, and you'll be running on air.  Once airborne, you can jump again to fly higher.  However, due to their lack of flight maneuverability, if you turn too fast, your reindeer will float to the ground.

Reindeer can breed with all other types of magical horses.  Baby reindeer are very cute.

Merry Christmas and Happy Holidays to you! :)

Here are some pictures of my reindeer, Prancer:

Wednesday, November 30, 2016

Custom Unicorn Code and Looking Forward

In the latest update, 1.5.7, I put in a feature that I've been wanting to include for a while: New custom unicorns are downloaded by the mod automatically when they are created, instead of requiring a new release. This feature lets people get their custom unicorns quicker, and makes it so I don't need to put out a release every time I get a new order.

Looking forward, I definitely want to include new horse breeds, and at some point I will likely put up another poll to see what people want (although I already have an idea what the favorite(s) will be). 

I'm also thinking in other directions. Of course, a boss would be cool. A new dimension would also be cool. There are two ideas that really grab me, though, but both are a lot of work:

Idea 1: Multiplayer Games
Multiplayer games could be really fun.  You can already see some of my efforts in this direction with the lance items, and how you can use them to joust.  I'd like to create a mini-game in which players are positioned in the jousting lane and points are awarded for unhorsing your opponent.  Such a thing (as well as other types of mini-games) could lead to some fun competition on a dedicated server.

Idea 2: Quests
I like games with stories, and I like to tell stories.  Adding in a series of quests would be a great way for me to do this.  Some of the basics are already in place, including the Oracle, and some underlying code that will let you talk to magical horses and other non-player characters.

Anyway, just throwing some ideas out there.  The last few months I've been pretty busy with other parts of my life, but I'd like to get some new and interesting features into the mod now that things are returning to normal.