Magic Items!



Wingtips of Buffetting - These wingtips increase your magical horse's buffetting power substantially.
Wingtips of All-you-can-eat Buffetting - The wizard who created these wingtips really liked to eat, and really liked bad puns. They work a little like Wingtips of Buffetting, but ... well ... you'll see.


Ice Horseshoes - These horseshoes cause nearby water to freeze into ice blocks, letting your horse effectively walk on water.
Power Horseshoes - These horseshoes amplify your horse's kicking power, so he breaks nearby blocks when he rears. More powerful horses get a greater effect.
Gentling Horseshoes - These horseshoes suppress the fire created by a Nightmare's flaming hooves. Put them on your pet Nightmare to make him safer to be around!

Check out the Recipes for how to craft these items.

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