Currently, there are 7 magical horse purebreeds available in the Ultimate Unicorn Mod: Unicorn, Pegasus, DestrierNightmareHippocamp, Kirin, and Reindeer.

Below are the details on where to find them, and what they can do.
  1. The Unicorn
  2. Where to Find Them: Unicorns can be found in many biomes, but are easiest to find in the plains and forest biomes.

    What can they do? Every unicorn has a horn, and these unicorns know how to use them. There are a number of evil creatures that are natural enemies to unicorns, and unicorns will attack them by lowering their horn and charging. When you tame a unicorn, you can tell him to lower his horn, and attack with it using the 'F' key.

    Soft squishy things like meat and apples can be worn on a unicorn's horn.... Why would you do this? Maybe to make a fashion statement? In any case, you can do it.

    Putting a slotted horse helm on your unicorn unlocks one of its most powerful abilities. With a slotted helm, a unicorn can equip a wand, and using the magic of its horn, attack with it! Any horse with a unicorn horn can use the equipped wand itself, or be commmanded to do so with the 'F' key.

    Unicorns also possess a sparkly aura that has unknown effects.

  3. The Pegasus
  4. Where to Find Them: Pegasi are harder to find, but sometimes you can find them resting in plains, forest, beach, and hilly biomes.

    What can they do? Pegasi are masters at flying. Once you have tamed one, you can ride into the sky just by holding the jump button. To descend quickly, push the 'C' key to make your pegasus fold up his wings and plummet.

    On the ground, the 'C' key makes your pegasus perform a buffet attack: he beats his wings forward with great force, blowing back creatures and items in front of her. Stronger winged horses (perhaps even with magical help) have been known to throw creatures with great force off cliffs and to their deaths.

    Take care when taming a pegasus! They are flighty creatures, and have been known to fly off with the inexperienced rider, dumping him to his death from a great height!

  5. The Nightmare
  6. Where to Find Them: Nightmares like hot weather, so you can find them in the desert and savannah biomes.

    What can they do? Nightmare hooves start fires wherever they strike, including in the air. Fire protection is highly recommended if you hope to tame one!

    Nightmares have smaller wings than their pegasus cousins, so they fly differently, and have less maneuverability in the air. They run faster, however, and can fly through the sky at great speeds. Turn too much, however, or otherwise lose your momentum, and they quickly lose altitude and float to the ground.

    A nightmare's wing buffet attack is not as powerful as a pegasus's, nor does it hit as wide an area. However, when near fire (created by the nightmare, or any other fire), a nightmare can harness that fire with its wings and shoot twin fireballs when it performs its buffet attack.

  7. The Destrier
  8. Where to Find Them: Destriers like cold weather, so you can find them in the colder biomes, like ice plains and taiga.

    What can they do? Destriers are simply monster horses. They are bigger, meaner, and more powerful. Just by stomping around, they destroy plants and bust through snow and foliage. When a destrier rears, watch out! Their kicks can kill, and knock down trees and bust dirt and other weak blocks.

    If you breed a destrier with a horse of another type, the child is likely to inherit the destrier's large body trait. Any magical horse with a large size body will see some of its other traits improved: even bigger wings that are more powerful, and a stronger horn attack. This increase extends to magical items, as well! Try out Power Horseshoes, and see the difference.

  9. The Hippocamp
  10. Where to Find Them: Hippocamps can be found in almost any body of water, and sometimes on land.  When found on land, they are usually on the beach or wallowing in the swamplands. 

    What can they do? Hippocamps can swim in water with a rider, and swim quickly at that.  They can breathe underwater and allow their rider to also breathe underwater.  On land, they move slower than other magical horse breeds. 

    If you breed a hippocamp with a horse of another type, the child is likely to inherit the hippocamp's fish tail and water breathing traits. Any magical horse with a fish tail will be able to swim with a rider.  However, it is possible to breed horses with a tail but without the ability to breathe underwater (and vice versa).

  11. The Kirin
  12. Where to Find Them: Kirin are rare, but can be found in very remote places, such as icy mountaintops and atop desert mesas.

    What can they do? Kirin can walk on water and breathe fire.  Kirin also have a number of physical differences from other horse breeds, including a slightly taller and dragon-like body, antlers, more hair in various places, and a long dragon-like tail.  They can also pass their magical powers down to their children.

    If you breed a kirin with a horse of another type, the child is likely to inherit the kirin's body type and magic powers.  However, an advanced breeder may be able to create a variety of interesting looking descendants if she puts her mind to it.  Since the kirin introduces a number of new features to the DNA spectrum, there are more options for breeders (and cheaters!) to play with.

  13. The Reindeer
    Where to Find Them: Reindeer can be found in forested and cold climates (such as forest, taiga, cold taiga, and taiga hills biomes).

    What can they do? Reindeer can lower their antlers to attack enemies, and reindeer with certain Christmas-y names can fly, even if they don't appear to have wings - maybe it's magic?

    If you breed a reindeer with a horse of another type, the child is likely to inherit the deer's body type and antlers.  


  1. You are absolutely right! I added them later and forgot to update the page!
    I'll try to add them today. Thanks for letting me know! :)

  2. Can these horses spawn in biome o plenty's biomes? and will it even work with that mod? or will these horses just saw in the stated biomes?

    1. Currently, I don't think they spawn in Biomes o' Plenty biomes, unless the Biomes o' Plenty mod somehow copies spawning info to their biomes from the vanilla biomes.

      This mod should work with Biomes o' Plenty, though.

      I'll take a look at Biomes o' Plenty and see what kind of options there are available for making my horses spawn in the new biomes.

    2. Ok thanks! the to mods are compatible its just that i needed to no if the Destrier will spawn in the Alpes biome of biomes o plenty

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  4. where do i find information on taming these horses?? I can't see to find any.. Please Help Me!!! Thank you!!!

    1. I'll have to put up a page about taming. You can tame them just like any other horse, thought they are a little harder to tame. Basically, feed them lots of apples and/or carrots (golden apples are the best), then try to ride them. In survival mode pegasi are dangerous to tame (they will try to fly away), so make sure you feed them a lot first!

  5. Is anyone else having problems getting their nightmares to take off? With me, it's like they stick to the ground.

  6. A quick Question:
    How many cool genes would be added in the future?
    Maybe Ice Breathing?
    Also I've got a cool idea:
    Would you like to add a horse purebreed that would control the winds and weather?

    1. This is a good question, and one I don't have an answer for! I have 2 variables set aside for DNA right now, and 12 different sets of genes. Some of those genes have multiple expressions (for example, there are 16 possible settings at this time for the hide gene, but the water-breathing gene only has 2 settings - on or off). I still have some space in the current DNA variables, but a lot of it got used up when I made the kirin and started planning for horses that have different body types (like hippogriff).

      If I need more space for DNA, I'll just make a new variable, and that should get me space for another 4-8 gene types. In the near future, I shouldn't need too much more than that.

      There is currently a "Magical Power" gene type, and it has 16 possible values, only one of which is currently being used (The Kirin's magic powers - which give water walking and fire breathing abilities). If I added weather control, it would probably be expressed as a Magical Power gene. :)

    2. yay! this is cool, sir (or miss)

  7. How does one fly a nightmare? I have made it jump, and held down the fly up key, keeping the horse straight with no turns, and it won't fly. If you could please help me, thanks! :D

    1. The night more runs on air than actually flies. Basically, run in a straight line, then make the horse jump. You can then jump again while you are in the air.

      If this is not working for you, please let me know what version you are using (Minecraft and the mod version), and I'll see if I can reproduce the bug!

  8. Nevermind. I get it now. IT only jumps high and kind of glides down.

  9. Were Kirins removed? I can't find any in game.

  10. Replies
    1. Kirin spawn right now in the ice mountain and desert mesa biomes. In the next release, I'm expanding that to include the savannah plateau, jungle hills, and roofed forest biomes, so they're not quite so hard to find.

  11. When is hippogriff being added? I know it has nearly won nly losing by a few votes in multiple polls, so could you start making it and produce a picture of it in early stage? Im rllly hyped for the hippogriff.

    1. I agree and how many other breeds are being added in the next update??

  12. What about the reindeer breed?? It doesn’t seem to be mentioned anywhere. :(

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  14. Hey, my horse is not taming like im clicking with an empty hand she is a hippocamp pegasus hybrid and yeah I have another horse like that its a kirin and hippocamp hybrid but yeah if anyone has awnsers
    btw there names are Flo and Lolo

  15. iiiii want this modddd sooo badddddd

  16. I just tamed a hippocampus and it is slower in the water then it is on land. Is this a known problem in 1.12.2?

    1. Ever resolve this? Seems to be the case in crackpack